Monday, 24 June 2019

Monday quote

The principal source of my melancholy, however, is my firm conviction that today's most obstreperous infidels lack the courage, moral intelligence, and thoughtfulness of their forefathers in faithlessness. What I find chiefly offensive about them is not that they are skeptics or atheists; rather, it is that they are not skeptics at all and have purchased their atheism cheaply, with the sort of boorish arrogance that might make a man believe himself a great strategist because his tanks overwhelmed a town of unarmed peasants, or a great lover because he can afford the price of admission to a brothel. So long as one can choose one's conquests in advance, taking always the paths of least resistance, one can always imagine oneself a Napoleon or a Casanova (and even better: the one without a Waterloo, the other without the clap).

David B. Hart

Monday, 17 June 2019

Monday quote

Evil talks about tolerance only when it's weak. When it gains the upper hand, its vanity always requires the destruction of the good and the innocent, because the example of good and innocent lives is an ongoing witness against it.

Charles Chaput

Monday, 10 June 2019

Monday, 3 June 2019

Monday quote

God’s foreknowledge of his own acts does not render them necessary, and destroy his free agency, how can it be consistently argued that God’s foreknowledge of the acts of men renders them necessary, and destroys their free agency?

Thomas Ralston

Saturday, 1 June 2019

Are Genesis chapters 1 and 2 separate creation accounts?

Some people raise issues with the supposed incongruence of Genesis chapters 1 and 2 saying that the chapters represent different creation accounts. There are several reasons that show that Genesis 2 is complimentary not contradictory to Genesis 1.

The two chapters do show some stylistic differences. The first chapter is highly structured, uses repetitive motifs, and functions as introduction to the book of Genesis. But stylistic differences need not mean differences in content.

There are several reasons to note the continuity of chapter 2, and the rest of Genesis, to chapter 1. The first and most obvious is that we have received Genesis as a unit. If the author (or compiler) of Genesis wrote Genesis 2 after Genesis 1, which he did, then he knew what was contained in both. It would seem strange that moderns can identify significant differences that he supposedly did not notice.

Secondly, Genesis 1 describes creation repeatedly as good, and after the completion of all of creation as very good. This motif of "good" throughout Genesis 1 is then contrasted with the man's lack of companion which is not good.
Then the Lord God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him.” (Gen 2:18)
To propose a different creation account in Genesis 2 disregards the author's obvious contrast.

Next, Genesis 5 gives the chronology of the antediluvian patriarchs. It begins,
This is the book of the generations of Adam. When God created man, he made him in the likeness of God. Male and female he created them, and he blessed them and named them Man when they were created. When Adam had lived 130 years, he fathered a son in his own likeness, after his image, and named him Seth. (Gen 5:1-3)
This directly quotes Genesis 1
Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over the livestock and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.”
So God created man in his own image,
in the image of God he created him;
male and female he created them. (Gen 1:26-27)
Thus the command to be fruitful and multiply (Gen 1:28) describes the beginnings of its fulfillment in chapter 5 and the author repeats the earlier text when naming the descendants of Adam. Genesis 5 has obvious continuity with Genesis 2, yet the phraseology also borrows from Genesis 1.

Further, Jesus reads Genesis 1 and 2 together. He does this when refuting the Pharisees on divorce.
Jesus answered, “Have you not read that he who created them from the beginning made them male and female, [Gen 1:27] and said, ‘Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh [Gen 2:24]’?" 
The unity of Genesis as a book, the contrast of good with not good, the connection between genealogy and creation, and the unifying approach of Jesus to both chapters, show that it is preferable to read Genesis 2 as an expansion of the Genesis 1 creation account rather than as a different, contrasting creation account.

Monday, 27 May 2019

Monday quote

I have observed over the years that the unanticipated consequences of social action are always more important, and usually less agreeable, than the intended consequences.

Irving Kristol (1920–2009).

Monday, 20 May 2019

Monday quote

Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish.

Euripides (c. 480 BC)

Monday, 13 May 2019

Monday quote

If [the agnostic] says that it is impossible to know anything about God, he contradicts himself, for to know God's unknowability would be to know something about God.

J. Budziszewski (1952–)

Monday, 6 May 2019

Monday quote

The optimist proclaims that we live in the best of all possible worlds, and the pessimist fears this is true.

Monday, 29 April 2019

Monday quote

A great deal of labor goes into the denial of the obvious: for the obvious is an affront to intellectuals whom it threatens with redundancy.

Theodore Dalrymple, "Dubai, Havana and Choosing Between Evils."

Monday, 22 April 2019

Monday quote

It cost God nothing, so far as we know, to create nice things: but to convert rebellious wills cost him crucifixion."

CS Lewis, Mere Christianity.

Monday, 15 April 2019

Monday quote

History will show you not all the answers, but it’ll tell you a lot of the questions to ask and furthermore, it will show you how other people have dealt successfully or unsuccessfully with similar type issues.

mad dog

Monday, 8 April 2019

Monday quote

There are three things you can do with money: spend, save and give. And when you reach a point where you can give well, it's the most fun you'll ever have with money!

Dave Ramsey

Monday, 1 April 2019

Monday quote

Copying the outside culture is not the same thing as engaging with it.

Douglas Wilson

Monday, 25 March 2019

Monday quote

The peculiar thing about prudery is that, the less the fortress is under threat, the more it puts sentries around.

Victor Hugo, Les Misérables.

Monday, 18 March 2019

Monday quote

For myself, the philosophy of meaninglessness was essentially an instrument of liberation, sexual and political.

Aldous Huxley

Monday, 11 March 2019

Monday quote

A person who has never lied because their tongue is cut out is not what we hope to become when we strive for honesty.

Isaac Morehouse

Monday, 4 March 2019

Monday quote

It is one of the innumerable shallow phrases of the modern and mercantile peace, that when people are sincere they should not be attacked. Why, it is exactly because they are sincere that they should be attacked. If a man pretends to be your wife’s previous and lawful husband, you can laugh at him as at any other amusing fraud. If he really believes that he is, you will take prompt action to prevent his acting on his belief.

GK Chesterton.

Monday, 25 February 2019

Monday quote

To be too wise in your own pursuits to come to Jesus is to be a fool.

Doug Wilson.

Monday, 18 February 2019

Monday, 11 February 2019

Monday quote

Keep that tongue for your boys woman. I didn't tell you my mind to get flayed for it.

Robert Roy MacGregor, Rob Roy.

Monday, 4 February 2019

Monday quote

It's not abundance that is the problem it is the love of abundance. The attachment to abundance.

Arthur Brooks

Monday, 28 January 2019

Monday quote

So if you think you are standing, watch out that you do not fall! Christian freedom can too easily become licence. And licence will destroy you.

Trevor Geddes.

Monday, 21 January 2019

Monday quote

Man is the only animal of which I am thoroughly and cravenly afraid...There is no harm in a well-fed lion. It has no ideals, no sect, no party...

George Bernard Shaw

Monday, 7 January 2019

Monday quote

Great unfaithfulness begins with small driftings.

Douglas Wilson, Hebrews Through New Eyes.


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